mingleZ is a mobile app that allows for unprecedented photo and video shooting by simultaneously using front and rear cameras. By capturing images with both front and rear cameras, it can create a space where reality and virtuality converge. Through future updates, users can enjoy the fun of exploring themselves in the spaces created by mingleZ and invite friends to engage in immersive video conversations within those spaces.


What is mingleZ ?

You can take photos using both the front and rear cameras.

Exploring hidden spaces and capturing your unique images.

You can invite friends via SNS (SMS) and engage in video chats with a dual-camera background.

How to Use mingleZ

Focus on the rear camera background.

Zoom in on the rear camera background.

Adjust the focus and size of the front camera,

then find the right composition and capture your content.

Find with mingleZ !

You can find mingleZ on Google Play.

※ The iPhone version of mingleZ is scheduled to be released in November.